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The ARIES IP55 Vented Server Cabinet

How to protect your outdoor equipment

Outdoor fibre server equipment is expensive, susceptible to harsh weather conditions and vulnerable to vandals and theft. When setting up your outdoor networks, it is vital to find the most secure, robust enclosure.

We have built, what is by far, the best, safest solution, the ARIES RANGE of IP55 Vented Server Cabinet.

Our IP55 Network Server Cabinet Protect your outdoor equipment from rain, dust and harsh elements

The Ventilated Network Server Cabinet is one of the most popular outdoor solutions for several reasons which include the following:

  • The ARIES RANGE of IP55 Vented 20U Server Cabinet has an IP55 ingress protection rating (IP) which ensures the server cabinet is dust and water resistant.
  • The server cabinet is also well ventilated to keep equipment running at the right temperature
  • It is powder coating to the highest standards for corrosion protection
  • It has a secure locking mechanism to keep equipment protected

Networking equipment generates heat and ventilation is essential. If networking equipment is not kept cool, it is prone to failure and a shortened lifespan. Damage caused by weather is not always immediately evident as a catastrophic meltdown – signs of heat damage include node crashes and hardware failures that can happen over a period of weeks or even months, leading to chronic downtime. The vented doors on the ARIES RANGE of IP55 Vented Server Cabinet draw in air through washable filters and exhausts it through the insulated roof keeping equipment in the optimal range. Other features of the ARIES RANGE of IP55 Vented Server Cabinet include

Product Features

  • Loading Capacity 1200kgs
  • Materials High-quality cold rolled steel
  • Thickness 1.6 mild steel
  • Mounting rails 2mm – 304 mild steel
  • Doors 1.6mm mild steel
  • Cooling Fan Four standard 120mm AC cooling fans
  • Doors Front and rear with built-in washable air filter

If you have a Fibre Installation project or outdoor network equipment, the ARIES RANGE of IP55 Vented Server Cabinets is just one of our many options available to you.

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How It's Made - Laser Cutters

Our ARIES RANGE of IP55 Vented Server Cabinets are locally manufactured and exported globally. We use precision laser cutters. Ever wondered how a laser cutter works. Here’s a short how it works video.