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Buy a Server Cabinet in Africa

Server Racks for Sale in Johannesburg

The megatrend in the ICT sector, the fourth industrial revolution has paved the way for new technologies that effortlessly connect billions of people and devices and server cabinets and server racks are at the heart of the infrastructure for all this information. The information revolutions has has led to monumental impacts in all fields, industries and economies. The South African ICT sector has consistently shown dynamic expansion, increasing 12% from R204 billion in 2017 to R229 billion in 2018. This growth is a testament to how this megatrend will affect how the African continent does business over the next five years.The fast-growing African market has created a demand in the South African ICT products and services sector. Specialists believe that in this competitive and rapidly changing industry, expansion and maintenance is one of the keys to maintaining a competitive edge. Over recent years, South African based companies have supplied the majority of the networking hardware and software required to establish information technology networks on the African continent.Are you a company that wants to buy server cabinets in Johannesburg, Lusaka, Harare, Maputo, Gaborone, Windhoek, Lilongwe, Kinshasa, Port Louis, Maseru or Luanda talk to us.
Buying a Server Cabinet in Africa
CPS Technologies server cabinets and racks We at CPS Technologies pride ourselves in local manufacturing. We manufacture server cabinets in our Johannesburg plant. Our Johannesburg factory in Midrand has the capacity to take on large orders of network server cabinets. Setting up your equipment in a server cabinet will help increase server performance and will make maintenance more effortless and augment security. We ensure superior work quality by using state of the art machinery paired with the latest software in the sheet metal industry. We utilise the newest fibre optic laser machines which make way for precision cutting in our network server cabinets, racks and enclosures manufacturing processes. The benefits of this high precision mean: no micro-cracks, chipping or fragmentation, with clean square edges and reduced waste.Server Racks for Sale in JohannesburgAre you looking for a way to house and organize your IT equipment in a way that optimizes its use and makes the best use of floor space? Look no further! CPS technologies is your point of sale for server racks in Johannesburg.We manufacture and sell a variety of server cabinets to suit an array of storage needs. These include but are not limited to: heavy-duty server cabinets, ventilated server cabinets, outdoor floor server cabinets, outdoor wall mount server cabinets and indoor wall mount server cabinets.Wherever you are in South Africa, our Johannesburg server cabinet manufacturing factory will export to SADC and throughout Africa. We have a server cabinet and enclosure for you. We have all the required certification to export server cabinets across Africa and deliver to you. In short, we sell server cabinets that are great value for money.
42U 19" Grey Network Cabinets 600 X 1000
42U 19" Grey Network Cabinets 600 X 1000
IP52 Server Cabinet
IP52 Server Cabinet
47U 19" IP55 Outdoor Ventilated 600 x 1000
47U 19" IP55 Outdoor Ventilated 600 x 1000

Server Cabinet Size

Server cabinets are measured by a standardized measuring system called ‘u’ sizes, where one rack ‘u’ is 44.45mm high or 1.75 inches. It is important to note that this only measures the space between shelves on a rack.

Our server cabinets include convenient size markers

The first step is to establish what equipment will be used in the server cabinet. To calculate ‘u’s for non-rack mountable equipment, include its size and divide its height by 44.45mm. This equipment will take an additional 1u of shelf space.

Note that this is a measurement of internal space only and extra space will be needed to house the entire server cabinet unit. For example, a requirement of 1867mm of internal space warrants the needs for a 42u server cabinet. This cabinet will require between 250-300mm to cater to fan trays, castor and cable entry. Therefore a 42u server cabinet necessitates a 2120mm minimum working height.

Server cabinet width

Server cabinets are supplied in 600mm wide, and 800mm wide configurations and both have 19″ mounting angles for rack-mount equipment. Cable management is the determining factor in configuration selection.

Server cabinet depth

We supply server cabinets of 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm external depths. Maximum internal working space is typically between 100-150mm less than the above dimensions. For example, a server of 600mm deep requires a server rack of 1000mm to sufficiently house its equipment.

Server cabinet size
Server cabinet dimensions
Example of server cabinet dimensions. For example, a rack designated as 20U has 20 rack spaces for equipment and has 35 (20 x 1.75.) inches of vertical usable space.

Server Cabinet Cooling

Server Cabinet Cooling

Ventilation is essential for the function of any server. Overheating may cause equipment malfunction. We supply a range of 4 fan indoor and outdoor ventilated cabinets in a variety of sizes with Tray S/Front and Rear Doors Plinth.

If you do not require a ventilated server cabinet, ensure that the room the cabinet is in is cool and ventilated.

20U 19″ IP52 Outdoor / Indoor Ventilated Server Cabinet 600 x 1000

Irrespective of the size of your business, technology offers both intangible and tangible benefits that will increase productivity and revenue. The infrastructure you employ to exploit the full potential of these technologies comes down to its infrastructure, which impinges on the culture, productivity and relationships of your business.

We at CPS manufacture and essential part of your data storage solutions. Our server cabinets are locally manufactured, cost-effective and exceptional quality. We also have excellent delivery to South Africa and the rest of Africa. Our expert team will help you buy the right server rack cabinet for your data centre. We have hundreds of server cabinet variations for you to choose from for your perfect fit. When you buy server cabinets from us, you get access to all the related spares and accessories. We keep ample stock to have you up and running in no time.

Modern server cabinets need to be user friendly for installers and administrators. Whether you are considering buying a server cabinet or still planning your network infrastructure, give us a call.

IP52 Server Cabinet
20U 19" IP52 Outdoor / Indoor Ventilated Server Cabinet 600 x 1000

What is the Price of a Server Cabinet?

To view the full range of our products, visit our catalogue. It’s simple! Select your requirements and send us a request for a quote. If you are not looking for a standard server cabinet, we have a highly skilled team of engineers dedicated to customising your server cabinet. Alternatively, call us or email us, and we can help you put your needs into action. We service South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe or anywhere across SADC as well as Africa.

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