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In the office or server environment space comes at a high premium and the ability to mount your server cabinet against the wall is excellent because it gives you additional room. This is where the Apollo Range of Wall Mount Server Cabinets come in. They also quickly upgrade to a swing frame unit. Removing them from your main foot print and utilising spaces typically unusable for a full-size rack makes these a perfect solution for small and unused spaces in your office or server room environment.


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The units are supplied in cardboard cartons and can be rapidly assembled on site with just 8 screws. The quick upgrade to a swing frame unit has the addition of a bolt on collar available in 100mm & 200mm depths. This also allows the collar to be fitted onto the wall without the encumberment of holding and balancing the wall unit.

CPS  APOLLO RANGE of Wall Mount Server Cabinets

Our server cabinets and enclosures are ROHS compliant and made in South Africa. We also have a SADC certificate for the regional market and export as far as the EU. Give us a call or visit our website for more information on this product.

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