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When evaluating enclosure needs in a harsh environment consider this IP52 Rain and Dustproof 19-inch Server Cabinet

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Some environments call for a server cabinet that protects servers from the elements within relatively controlled environments. These include underground mines, factory plants, etc. where dust and water spray can get into the atmosphere. When evaluating the enclosure needs in a harsh environment, the decision becomes more complicated.  The TAURUS Range of IP52 Rain and Dustproof 19-inch Server Cabinets are the ideal outdoor server enclosure solution. Below is a quick review of some issues to consider when selecting an enclosure for use in a more challenging location.

  • How Harsh is Harsh? The selection of protection levels can significantly impact the product choice
  • Do all component need to be protected?
  • Does the box need to meet outdoor/UV requirements?
  • How will the electronics be vented/cooled?
  • How heavy is the equipment being installed and are there any restrictions to the weight that the overall product can be?
  • How are the components going to be mounted?
  • How is the enclosure going to be mounted?
  • What are the aesthetics involved?

When dust or moisture ingress is a problem, then the TAURUS IP52 Rain and Dustproof 19-inch Server Cabinet range are ideal for these harsh environments. These cabinets are made from heavy gauge steel & sealed with continuous air-cushioned rubber gaskets ensures the cabinet is dust & waterproof. Front & rear doors are secured with a 3-point locking system with washable air systems.


Our server cabinets and enclosures are ROHS compliant and made in South Africa. We also have a SADC certificate for the regional market and export as far as the EU. For more information give us a call or email our sales representatives. We are standing by to answer any queries you may have, alternatively visit our website.