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ATLAS RANGE of Bulk Server Cabinets (Loading Capacity: 1500 kgs)

Any organisation that generates, stores and distributes large amounts of data needs a secure data centre. Some of our clients include government agencies, educational bodies, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, retailers of all sizes and hosting companies. The bigger your organisation, the bigger the server enclosure needs to be. When heavy-duty servers, racks and cabling are used, there is the specially built heavy duty ATLAS RANGE of Bulk Server Cabinets.

CPS week 2 600x200 Ver2 
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The Atlas Range of Bulk Server Cabinets have a loading capacity of 1500 kgs. Servers are rapidly getting bigger, and other factors such as heavy cabling all lead to the need for a bulk server cabinet. Poor quality or incorrect server cabinets will buckle and damage expensive equipment and jeopardise data. Tell us what you need, and we will recommend a suitable solution.


Product Features

  • Loading Capacity: 1500 kg’s
  • Materials: High-quality cold rolled steel
  • Cooling Fans: Two/Four optional 120mm AC cooling fans
  • Side panels: Removable
  • Colours: Black RAL9004: White RAL7035: Grey RAL7032


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