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The APOLLO RANGE OF Wall Mount Server Cabinets

Access control to your data is critical whether you are a large data centre or a small business. However, a standard server cabinet is not always the answer. Your data centre could be a small room, a section of an office or section on a wall. If you are looking into building a small data centre in a small space, you should consider the APOLLO RANGE of Wall Mount Server Cabinets.


CPS week 1 600x200 Ver2
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The APOLLO RANGE of Wall Mount Server Cabinets ensures space-effective secure storage. Apollo Wall Mount Server Cabinets are available fully built, or if preferred when transport space is limited in knockdown form. The units are supplied in cardboard cartons and can be rapidly assembled on site with just eight screws. Apollo Wall Mount Server Cabinets quickly upgrade to a Swing Frame unit with the addition of a bolt on collar available in 100mm & 200mm depths.


Assembly is a simple and quick procedure

  • Attach hinges to collar
  • Drill wall as per template supplied
  • Fit collar to wall
  • Lift wall box up to collar hinges and fasten


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