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Securing your data in extreme temperature conditions

Manufacturing and industrial environments need to capture, store and manage large amounts of data for running machines, managing staff and more. However, these environments are harsh and susceptible to fluctuations in temperature that will damage any sensitive electronics. A standard server cabinet is not enough for cooling and temperature control. The solution is the POLAR RANGE of EV (Environmental) Server Cabinets.


Polar EV2


The POLAR RANGE of EV (Environmental) Server Cabinets is designed to control the internal temperature of a server cabinet. It has an air-conditioned unit fitted with a condensate dissipater. Heavy gauge steel and sealing with continuous air-cushioned rubber gaskets ensure the server cabinet is dust and waterproof. The front and rear doors are secured with a 3-point locking system.
Product Specifications

  • Loading Capacity 1200 kg’s
  • Materials High-quality cold rolled steel
  • Side Panels Removable
  • Doors Front and rear
  • Colours: Black-RAL9004 White-RAL7035 Grey-RAL7032, 7 Surface Finish Degreasing, Pickling, Phosphating

The Polar EV ensure the environment outside the server cabinet does not affect the server equipment.