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IP55 Outdoor Server Cabinets for humid and harsh environments

The durability and reliability of outdoor server cabinets is dependent on good design and quality materials. Knowing their interaction with the environment during their service time is critical. For example, high humidity and air pollutants are a recipe for rapid corrosion. It is essential that manufacturers understand how materials react and then produce cabinets to counteract the environmental elements.


This knowledge coupled with excellent design is what makes the  ARIES RANGE of IP55 Vented Server Cabinets one of the most popular cabinets in our range. This well-ventilated server cabinet is ideal for humid, wet and extremely hot outdoor environments.


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Some of the features that make this an excellent server cabinet include:

  • Cable entry glands incorporated in supplied plinth
  • Cooling Fan Four standard 120mm AC cooling fans
  • Thickness Cabinet 1.6 mild steel Mounting rails 2mm - 304 mild steel Doors 1.6mm mild steel


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Our cabinets are ROHS compliant and made in South Africa. We also have a SADC certificate for the regional market and export as far as the EU. Give us a call or visit our website for more information on this product.


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Relative and Absolute Humidity
Watch this video to understand difference between relative and absolute humidity. Knowing the way the environment acts is important for manufacturing quality outdoor server cabinets.


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