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Low-quality outdoor server cabinets cost you in the long run

This month we discuss all-weather proof and climate-controlled outdoor server cabinets.


Poorly designed outdoor server cabinets cost more than just the replacement of the cabinet. Your hardware, data and downtime are all at risk. Our cabinets are the most popular on the market not only because they are well designed at the R&D stage, but they are manufactured to world-class standards.


A great example is our TAURUS Range IP52 Rain and Dustproof 19-inch Server Cabinet. The heavy gauge steel, dust and waterproof server cabinets ensure your electronic equipment is protected. The surface finish process involves degreasing, pickling, phosphating and a multi-tank dip system. The final powder coat ensures you have the best quality server on the market.


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Product Features

  • Loading Capacity 1200 kg’s
  • Materials High-quality cold rolled steel
  • Thickness Cabinet 1.6 mild steel


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Our cabinets are ROHS compliant and made in South Africa. We also have a SADC certificate for the regional market and export as far as the EU. Give us a call or visit our website for more information on this product.


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Why Does Metal Rust?
This week’s video looks at the chemistry behind the reactions that make metal rust. We supply a variety of IP rated outdoor server cabinets. Visit our website to view our product range.


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