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An affordable safe to protect your mobile devices from petty theft.

The work environment is often exposed to outsiders who may not always have good intentions and take employees and company electronics that are easily accessible such as laptops, mobile phone and even desktops.


This week we feature two safes to keep your assets safe that are ideal for:

  • Universities
  • Government Institutions
  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Doctor’s Rooms
  • Private Companies
  • and many more applications


The Mobile Device Charger Wall Safe

The Mobile Device Charger Wall Safe will allow you to recharge your cell phones, tablet and laptop while they are safely secured.

The safe is manufactured from high quality powder coated steel and conforms to the strictest codes of quality. When you leave your desk or work area simply place your device in the unit, leave it charging and find everything just the way you left it when you get back. Position these across your offices or factory and keep your assets safe.


The PC Safe


The security PC enclosures are ideal for deterring theft, the safes attach to a floor or wall using rawl bolts, this will turn your PC into an immovable object.

You don’t need to leave your expensive assets out in the open anymore.


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