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CPS Technologies

CPS was founded as a sheet metal fabrication company by a team with over 50 years combined industry experience in 2005. Since then CPS has produced South Africa’s best quality steel enclosures with a special focus on the IT industry; datacenters, server indoor and outdoor enclosures. Testament to this is the fact that CPS has managed to secure OEM distribution agreements with South Africa’s leading IT companies. We have manufactured premium quality server enclosures and accessories for the likes of Mustek, Rectron and Eurobyte Technology. We supply South Africa’s largest and most prominent companies. The products include a selection of server cabinet enclosures, data-centre structures and customized enclosures for their unique requirements. CPS Technologies has old industry names alongside new industry ideas, value-adds, state of the art production facilities, compliance and professionalism that is difficult to match. CPS’s long term strategy is ensuring we have the industry’s most passionate and talented people working for us. By devoting our time and ensuring the development and growth of diverse and dedicated people, we ensure our long term future success through world class designs, superior product quality and timeous delivery.

Mission Statement

To produce world class designs, provide superior products of exceptional quality and excellent delivery time!

Our Vision

Empowering the world with functional products made from steel

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Our new HQ and facilities are bigger, efficiently configured and structured to take on large orders efficiently. By employing state of the art machinery and the latest software available to the sheet metal industry, you can be assured of efficient production costs, and superior quality of work.


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Powder Coating

Our powder coating facilitates up to 120 microns coat, this provides a high-quality, durable finish allowing for maximized production, improved efficiencies, and simplified environmental compliance.


The process: 
Our powder coating procedure consists of a three step process: treatment, coating and curing process. We have increased our pre-powder cleaning prep plant from a 5 to a 7 tank dip system for the best corrosion resistance available and highest standard achievable in the industry.

The steel undergoes a 7 step chemical treatment:
1. Degreaser 
2. Rinse
3. Multi metal phosphate
4. Rinse 
5. Chrome passivation


The steal components then undergo a specialized coating process ensuring an even and accurate level of colour coded powder is applied to the component. 

Once the coating is applied, the components are heated to a colour specific temperature allowing for optimal bonding strength and ensuring a quality finish. 

All powder coating is done on the CPS premises using our state of the art facilities.

Laser Cutting

Our state-of-the-art fibre optic laser machines allow for precision cutting in our manufacturing process. The benefits of utilising laser technology is high precision, no micro-cracks fragmentations or chipping, clean square edges and reduced waste. 

For our end products this translates to better quality products at a more affordable rate. Laser provides a perfect cut every time, even on the hardest of steels. Elaborate contours and corners, tiny holes and narrow webs are sliced off clean and burr-free. Only with computer enabled laser cutting do you get such high consistency and accuracy throughout a job.

Product Design, Development & Assembly Facilities

CPS employs the most advanced software available to us and keeps up-to-date with all the latest technology and advancements in the industry. Our team uses a number of programs in our design work such as AUTOCAD, Solidworks and Corel then converted into CNC PROGRAMMING using Metalix.

Our facilities ensure you get consistently high quality final products that conforms to world standards.